Delivering you the best pellets the best possible way!

We Offer Free Indoor Storage!!!

$20/ton extra when paying with a credit card

We offer FREE Delivery with purchases of 3 tons or more within 10 miles.

If you're beyond 10 miles it only costs $3.00 per additional mile.

We also offer hand stacking anywhere you'd like for $20/ton.*

Deliveries of less than 3 tons are only $50 within the 10 miles.

Mix or Match any order, even with bedding & bricks

Order 10 tons and save an additional $100!!!

We carry the largest selection of wood pellets around!!!

*$20/ton depending on terrain and location

Heating Pellets

We are now offering $100 off of 10 ton orders!!!!

plus the Free Delivery!!! (within 10 miles, or $3.00/additional mile). Call Justin today (518) 965-3503

Free Storage!

Buy now, pick up or have delivered later.

Compare and Save

$20/ton extra when paying with a credit card

Fire Logs

We also carry Compressed Fire Wood for regular wood stoves.

One ton of these bricks is equivalent to a full cord of regualr wood! - There is less mess and no insects! - No more cutting, splitting, stacking, and seasoning!!

We also carry 15 varietes of Smoking Pellets

more info to follow soon -

contact Justin for Details!



contact Justin for Details!